New Zealand Shipwreck Welfare Trust Charity Auction 2018 - HOMEWARD BOUND

The NZFCF (New Zealand Federation of Commercial FIshermen) held their 60th Conference and AGM in May 2018 in Nelson. Also held at the conference was the Shipwreck Relief Society Auction where this beautiful pearl donated by Eyris Blue Pearls and fashioned by Jewel Beetle will be auctioned off.

Jewel Beetle are creators of fine jewellery in Nelson and kindly donated their time and materials to create this stunning Swallow pendant called Homeward Bound.

The piece was auctioned for $3,100 and proceeds go to the trust.


Homeward Bound Pendant - Jewel Beetle - Eyris Gem GGP 13mm

Homeward Bound Pendant - Jewel Beetle with Eyris Gem pearl GGP 13mm

The Homeward Bound Pendant was designed by Jewel Beetle under the concept of Swallows having significant meaning to sailors.

"Swallows are birds that choose a mate for life, this is why the swallow is a chosen symbol for love and loyalty to family. To a sailor, the swallow has a special meaning because these birds were usually the first sign that land was near and also the swallow will always return home no matter how far away they are. A sailor traditionally has a swallow tattooed onto his chest every 5000 nautical miles. Since traveling over seas in the early years was a dangerous occupation, a sailor with one or two swallow tattoos was considered very experienced and therefore trustworthy and valuable."