The Queens Brooch

Aotearoa's Pearl and Pacific Star

Prime Minister John Key’s gift for Her Majesty, The Queen is a brooch created from a blue pearl provided by Christchurch-based company Eyris Blue Pearls. It is called ‘Aotearoa’s Pearl’.

Aotearoa's Pearl

Angela Merkel - Chancellor of Germany

Tangaroa's Creation

It is with pleasure, that we present ‘Tangaroa’s Creation’. 

A beautiful 15mm Gem grade Eyris pearl in green blue colouring, has been perfectly set in 18ct yellow gold, handcrafted by Jacek Pawlowski of the Blue Pearl Gallery in Akaroa. The setting has been partnered with a 3mm, 18ct yellow gold flat Omega necklace.

Tangaroa's Creation gifted to Chancellor Angela Merkel

Roake Silver

Retirement Chest - Constructed sterling silver, 18ct gold, Pacific Blue 7mm C grade blue pearls.

The Empowerment Pearl

Miss World 2015 - Deborah Lambie

The Empowerment Pearl celebrates equal rights for woman.   New Zealand women were the first in the world to be granted the right to vote in 1893.  Those who supported this historic change were presented with a white camellia to wear in their buttonhole.  The white camellia has since become an endearing symbol of the empowerment of women.

The Empowerment Pearl

The Koru Pearl

Miss World 2016 - Karla de Beer

The Koru Pearl pendant was handcrafted by Blue Pearls Gallery. Eyris Pearls and Blue Pearls Gallery have gifted this pendant to Karla to be auctioned off at the Miss World competition in USA, December 2016 to help raise money for the Childrens Charity Auction - Beauty with a Purpose, Helping Children Worldwide.