Lauren Harris

Lauren Harris Jewellery is situated in Tasmania. As a craft jeweller she creates all her beautiful jewellery by hand using age old techniques combined with traditional and modern tools. Her pieces are each unique one off pieces which suit the individuality of Blue Pearls.

Lauren’s designs are strongly influenced by the sea, “I live in a beautiful area surrounded by protected national park and just five minutes walk to the ocean beach. I can’t help but be greatly inspired by my surroundings.”

Lauren’s love for the sea is why shortly after starting out as an independent jeweller she contacted us about using Blue Pearls in her work.

Although I use all sorts of colours, materials and gemstones, my favourites are gems in the colours of the sea, local abalone shell, New Zealand paua shell, and especially New Zealand’s exquisite Blue Pearl.

Eyris Blue Pearls was delighted to help establish her individual style; Lauren tends to make heavier chunkier jewellery with strong bright jewels to attract the eye. This style has helped make the partnership between Eyris Blue Pearls and Lauren Harris such a great success.