Exclusive New Zealand jewellery and art objects

Gallery Pacific presents a unique collection of jewellery adornment and art objects in central Auckland. This family owned and operated gallery has its origins in 1975 as an opal specialist. The gallery has evolved continuously, growing to become a showcase for senior New Zealand artisans sculpting and carving in wood, jade, glass, stone and bone. New Zealand blue pearl, Australian opal and South Sea pearl are incorporated into distinct contemporary jewellery that is beautifully presented.

These works, both ornamental and wearable, reflect and embody the unique artistic culture that flourishes in New Zealand today. Traditional Maori and Pacific design elements are invigorated and reinterpreted.

We offer attentive and professional service from our central Auckland gallery, through our website, and via email.

GALLERY PACIFIC - Pacific Blue, 'Mystique' grade

GALLERY PACIFIC - Pacific Blue Pendant

GALLERY PACIFIC - Eyris Pendant and Earring set

GALLERY PACIFIC - Pacific Blue, 'Mystique' grade