Evyia Gioielli

By Luca Ronco

EYVIA GIOIELLI, established in February 1992, was conceived by Luca Ronco, Jewel Designer and graduate of the renowned Benvenuto Cellini School of Art at Valenza Po. Luca has always had a passion for designing and creating his own jewels, works of great character imbued with his own philosophy. A philosophy which stems from the careful and thoughtful observation of those stones and gems Nature creates over the centuries, patiently smoothed out by the unceasing flow of torrents and offered us, by river and sea.

At our headquarters at Saint-Christophe, we create jewels and precious metal objects: all hand-crafted, one-off or limited-edition ornaments from exclusive designs using only materials of the highest quality.

In the atelier, you will find qualified personnel (GIA certificate - Gemm. Inst. of America and Eyris Pearls of New Zealand) who will provide you with expert advice on the choice and stringing of a very wide range of pearls: from the entrancing Tahitian or the precious Australian and Phillipine pearls, through the classic Akoia or the sparling, modern fresh-water pearls, to the new and mysterious blue pearls of New Zealand.

Our staff will gladly help you decide how best to renovate a necklace with the right clasp, or enhance the beauty of a pearl with a novel pendant or solitaire. We will guide you in the choice of jewellery most suited to you from our handcrafted, painstakingly finished works, all of unique design, and optionally created ad hoc to your own personal tastes.

Eyris Pearls Ring

Gold Pendant.jpg
Alizee pendant and Blue Pearl 

Alizee pendant and Blue Pearl