Catherine Best

Catherine Best is so much more than the name for a company; it is now a 2 generation family business. The professionalism of the whole team is underpinned by the friendship, understanding and trust that are at the core of a happy family environment, an environment that sprouted from simple roots coupled with a great deal of hard work to produce some of the world's most fascinating and beautiful Jewellery.

The Necklace “Star dreams” is a truly unique design. 

Fashionably ornate with high luster Eyris Pearls; the sparkling diamonds highlight the vibrant luxurious blue pearls.

The blend of a fashion-forward design with traditional quality workmanship has been the key to Catherine’s success, as is her love of the blue pearl.


CATHERINE BEST KORU - Eyris 'Gem' grade pearl

CATHERINE BEST STAR DREAMS - Eyris 'Gem' grade pearl

CATHERINE BEST NOVA - Eyris 'Gem' grade pearl

CATHERINE BEST - Eyris 'Gem' grade pearl

CATHERINE BEST PIKOROUA II - Eyris 'Gem' grade pearl