Pearl of the Month

Welcome to our new feature - Pearl of the Month.

Every month from September 2012 to March 2013, we will carefully select a pearl from all the new additions to our collection, and it will become a very rare Pearl of the Month!

Each of these stunning Eyris pearls, will be named and given particular recognition.

Contact your retailer and become the owner of one of these very special pearls.

September/October 2012 - 'Blue Moods'

We have selected a beautiful 17mm A grade Eyris blue pearl in Blue Green named ‘Blue Moods’ as our inaugural ‘Pearl of the Month’. This pearl was grown on the Eyris Blue Pearl farm, in Tory Channel, New Zealand. It was cultivated in a wild stock paua (Haliotis iris) harvested off the Malborough coastline in 2008.

 Because of their size, larger blue pearls (16mm+) are extremely rare and take at least 3 years to form.This pearl is now part of our collection, having been processed by Sharlene Wiseman, just last month.

“Although they can be easier to work with than smaller pearls, each effort is totally individual, depending on the character of the pearl. The deep blue was clearly going to dominate the colour grade with ‘Blue Moods’, right from the beginning. Large pearl processing gives enormous satisfaction, when you appreciate just how rare the gem you are holding is”

Sharlene Wiseman - Blue Pearl Processing


November/December 2012 - 'Spring Sunrise'

This as an amazing example of diversity in blue pearl colouring. Named 'Spring Sunrise' a beautiful pearl which captures the liquidity of colours.

Seen from the side, this pearl is completely green, however as the eye moves, it transforms through gold into a perfect pink circle across the dome. Exquisite!