Blue Pearls


"To create unique jewels of everlasting pleasure by combining the rhythms of nature with the art of blue pearl culture”.

The blue pearl captures your eye and draws you closer. 

Movement makes the colours dance like sunlight on crystal clear water.

As Unique as You

What is it that makes you one of a kind?

You are part of nature.
There is no one else quite like you.
Every person is an individual.
Every person is...


What is it that makes each blue pearl one of a kind?

They are part of nature.
Created by a wonderful sea creature, the paua.
Every paua is...


The Iris and the Pearl

The iris is the most colourful part of the human eye. It is made up of layers of smooth, furrowed and radial ridges.

These layers allow the iris to act either like a mirror or a sponge, sometimes absorbing light and sometimes reflecting and refracting light as a spectrum of colours. 

The nacre is the most colourful part of the abalone shell. In paua it is made up of thousands of layers or randomly secreted aragonite and calcite crystals, which are bonded together by conchiolin. The nacre gives the blue pearl its lustre and hardness while the conchiolin acts as a mirror reflecting light back through the nacre to the observer for maximum light return, iridescence and colour. 


The individual


 Portraying the true essence of individuality, our brand name Eyris was chosen to reflect the link between the natural beauty of the human eye and the unique beauty of each blue pearl.




Perchance a dream

A beautiful poem describing the unique beauty of a blue pearl.